Things That Won't Change

It seems like everywhere we look in modern society, something changing around us, a change in policy, a change in power, a change in an industry, a change in stock price. Everything is fundamentally shifting around us in real-time, and the news job to bring all that information together and package it for us so that it is easy to consume, as much as we want or as little as we want, biased or biased. It’s up to you.

We are surrounded by people who make predictions about what will change, which makes sense to me because it is often exciting to plan for the future or talk about what will change, or what new thing will happen, but often we don’t see people talking about what things will stay the same over time — we can learn a lot from the past which in turn can help shape the future from learning about what worked, why it didn’t, and what can be done to avoid those same mistakes. The past is quite powerful, but only if we can learn from it.

The future is almost impossible to predict, humans are notoriously bad at it as there are just way too many variables for one to comprehend, machine learning would be valuable to try to make sense from these complex adaptive systems with an overwhelming amount of information. I think It’s safe to say that technology will always be changing and evolving, as we are always looking for better ways to do things, and that is what tech enables, continuous improvements in specific verticals. It’s also safe to say that there will also be a bunch of general things that will stay the same, so I have made a quick list of some general principles mainly to do with human phycology that will stay constant and likely withstand the test of time, but the way we fulfill those things will likely change as we unlock better ways to serve those principles. The classic example would be entertainment: Originally it was going to the cinema, then Blockbuster, then Netflix.

Things that won’t change:

  • things that will protect us from risk.

  • things that will solve problems quicker and cheaper

  • things that will allow us to communicate more effectively

  • things that will allow us to have live face to face events

  • things that will allow us to have more options

  • things that will allow us to make better decisions

  • things that will allow us to feel more comfortable

  • things that will entertain us

  • things that will make us feel unique, important, and special

  • things that make our contributions to society feel worthwhile

  • things that will allow us to have more freedom

  • things that will allow us to express ourselves

  • things that will allow us to have better connections with others

Most things change, some things stay the same, all things are opportunities to learn from by having conversions with others.