You Are Your Own Creative Director

You are the creative director of your life, which means that there are tons of things that are within your control that you might not even be aware of, there are also things that are completely outside of your control as well — you need to be able to tell in different situations which is which, as it will help you plan the optimal route.

Things you can control:

  • how you think

  • the decisions you make

  • how you perceive experiences

  • judgment you project onto things

  • who you hang out with

Things you can’t control:

  • how others think

  • the decisions of others

  • peoples reactions

  • peoples reactions to your decisions

  • what people say about you

  • certain circumstances

As long as you let external influences that you have no control over influence your internal physiological state, it will be near impossible to reach any higher spiritual state of being.

Since you fundamentally control the way to perceive the world, that will dictate how you think about the world, and the actions you take. In other words, If you see the world in a negative tone, you will likely think about the world that way — it’s a feedback loop. But instead of constantly dwelling on negative things, it’s valuable to think about how you can learn from those events and be a better person and decision-maker in the future.

You have the ability choice to choose what type of role you want to be involved with your movie. You can be the actor, which is immersed in the narrative, who is not often looking objectively at it. You can be the audience, which is observing and enjoying all the drama in the scene of life. Or you can be the director, the one who is calling everything that is happening in the scene.

Often we can be so immersed in the show called life that we forget that we actually own the rights to the script, and without self-awareness, you would likely have little ability to direct your behaviour from moment to moment. We now have the choice to go through life passively unaware of what we are actually trying to achieve, or be the director calling the shots and making intentional decisions that are aligned with our values.

We are so used to people telling us what to do – first our parents, then our teachers, our friends, our professors, our bosses, the media. It fundamentally becomes a habit.

Regardless of what we choose, we need to keep in mind that not everyone will like your version of the movie, but at least you are not a puppy dog driven by your thoughts and emotions. Once you know what you want, and why you might want those things, you are then armed with the motivations and tools that modern society brings to get the results you might be seeking. But often those objectives that you might have are really just based on assumptions you have about the world based on past experiences…. but that’s another story.

Sooner or later, every movie and every life comes to an end. Enjoy the script you have chosen for yourself, and do your best to make it as fun as interesting as possible.

You only have one shot.